We know it's annoying, but we are trying to find a good balance between this event being fun, and making it as safe as possible. Our safety concept of UC10 in 2020 already had been quite sophisticated, but we will further improve on it.

Please make yourself familiar with the concept below. Please only join the party if you are willing to adhere to these rules. Most importantly, you need to agree to have rapid Covid-19 tests taken during the party.

In the past the focus of UC had been to be as crazy (and sometimes dangerous) as possible, the aim of UC12 first and foremost is to enable sceners to meet in the safest possible environment for the first time in a long while again. It still will be crazy, promised.


We will be taking mandatory daily rapid tests from all participants. These will be included in the entrance fee.

If you are arriving from a high-risk area, and/or if you are traveling with high-risk transport (Airplane), please have a  PCR test done.


Please bring masks and wear at as reasonable appropriate.

Please also note about our button system explained to the right:

If you are approaching another scener with non-green button you must wear your mask!


Every visitor will receive one of our status buttons.

A red button means that the person wearing it does not want to have close encounters (hugging) at all.

A yellow one means you are asked to wear a mask when approaching.

A green one means hugging and approaching without mask is OK.

Bring warm clothes

To reduce aerosols furthers, the party tent will not have walls, just a roof. This ensures very high air ventilation. But it also means it will be cold during the nights.

Sleep in your tent

There is no shared sleeping hall /tent at UC. Unless you are sleeping in a hotel or your car/caravan, you'll need to bring your own tent.

Arrive & leave healthy

Do not join if you are showing any symptoms - stay home and watch the stream instead. Try to reduce risks before and while travelling. 


Studies show that if you follow some basic rules, the risk of outdoor transmission is extremely low.

Studies also show that it's much safer to stay outdoor than to share any closed room with anyone. While the past "superspreader" events happening in "churches", ski resorts and in-door carnivals had provided anecdotal evidence, there are peer-reviewed studies showing that aerosol transmission is a huge thing.

The key problem therefore is sharing limited amount of air with others. A key aim for sharing air with people therefore is to get that air fully replaced constantly as quickly as possible.

Due to this, back in 2020 we have switched from a normal party tent to our fully custom construction: We are building a gigantic party "cage", 6 Meters high, and with a total air volume of over 750 m³. At maximum capacity, this means 20 m³ of air per visitor. One long side of the cage will be completely open. The other three "walls" will not use regular tent canvas, but a material that will let 40% of air pass through. In total at normal expected wind speeds this means that all air "inside" the construction will be completely replaced every couple of minutes.

The downside of this of course is that during the nights, it will be chilly. 


We are aware that most sceners hate sleeping in a tent. It's against our nature. 

However, it's really the safest place to sleep in. Unlike in a hotel room, you have full control over the air quality and surfaces.

And these days tents are not that bad.

The tents from Qeedo for example can be built up in 30 seconds. And packing them again also is brain dead easy. And yes, that actually works, and they are great. It's a 110 Euro investment that makes sense even if you assume to never again go outside after the party.

Also, if you want, you can order and have your tent delivered to the orga team inbeforehand. Should you travel by train or plane, there is less stuff for you to carry. We can even store the tent afterwards for next year.

Qeedo website