Join us for SEVEN DAYS of non-stop insanity at the craziest outdoor demoparty event ever.

Underground Conference is a somewhat satirical open air demo party, combining the best of a beach vacation, hanging out with your scene friends and an amazing set of competitions to show off your skills.

Already in 2020 we had proven that a demoparty can be done during a pandemic safely. In 2021 we not only further improved our security concept, but also had decided to compensate for all the other parties that got cancelled - by making UC the longest non-stop demoparty ever. It's 2022, and there still is a lot to compensate for. So we are pulling it off again: Yes, UC12 again will run for a full week, from Sunday, July 3 to Sunday, July 10 2022.

The full website with registration will become available on Easter Weekend.